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Like humans, animals need mental simulations too!

We love puzzles, training and playtime! We take these out during pet sits to keep the pets busy while you're away to beat boredom!

We now are renting them out if you're ever curious to know if your pet would be interested in them and it gives you the option to swap for different kinds/levels without purchasing them all! 

We are NOT a dog trainer, please seek out a professional dog trainer with certificates. 







For pet owners. Ones that don't know about this. Don't know what to get. Don't want to buy more junk around the house. For pet owners traveling and keeping their pets busy with toys. 

Rent out pet enrichment puzzles/toys

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For owners to have happier pets! 

Pawsitive Company pet services is run by a hard of hearing therefore we do not do phone calls. Please text or email only. We are happy to do a video call for the consultation. :)

 Pet Sitting in Mount Pleasant, Fairview, South Cambie, Riley Park, Grandview-Woodland, Strathcona, Hasting - Sunrise, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, Renfrew-Collingwood

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