Overnight Care

Vancouver Pet Sitting
Vancouver Pet Sitting
Vancouver Pet Sitting
Vancouver Pet Sitting

We offer overnight care in your home where your pets can be comfortable. We'll give them company in the evening and overnight along with giving your home a lived-in look.

Cat(s) overnight care     ............   $85

Includes any other pet(s) excluding dogs

Dog(s) overnight care    ............   $100

Includes any other pet(s)

There are NO extra fees for:

- More than 1 pet 

- To give medication

- Holiday fee

What is included?

Your pet(s) will get a ton of attention, snuggles & play time! Along with that they will have their food & water dish bowls washed/wiped out,  get fed, receive fresh water daily and their litter boxes scooped daily. The place/area will be cleaned from cat litter, fur and any accidents the pets may have caused in your home.

Your home will be taken care of as well, plants watered, mail/packages taken in and blinds and lights will be alternated. You will receive updates daily along with plenty of photos!  
For the Dog(s) overnight care, one mid-day walk is included in the price as well. 

How long is the overnight care?

 It is 10-12 hours for both Cat(s) overnight care and Dog(s) overnight care. Usually around 7pm to 7am although we can discuss to change the 12 hour period to start and end sooner/later to better fit your pet(s) needs.