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why choose pawsitive company?

Pet Sitting

Overnight Care

Dog Walking

We are passionate about taking care of your pets and ensuring they're comfortable and feeling like home while you're away.

  • At the end of every visit you will receive an update of how the visit went. It includes photos (sometimes even gifs and videos), a report card and a little blurb of what we did.

  • We are comfortable with giving your pets medication. There is no extra charge for giving medication.

  • We absolutely love animals and your pets will feel like they're our own due to the love and care we give them every day. ♥

  • We strongly believe in enriching pet's lives and bring new toys/puzzles for them to explore and play with.

  • We have taken care of all kinds of animals such as cats, dogs, rodents, ferrets, reptiles, birds and so on!

  • We are a small business that will ensure your pets get specialized care.

  • We believe that you should come home feeling relaxed too and not cleaning up after your pet sitter. We will take out pet's waste, any trash we made and recycling as well.  We will also sweep or vacuum up the main area for scattered litter and loose fur. For overnight care, in additional to above, we will wash dishes we used, wash the bedding we used and ensure we did not leave any mess behind for you to deal with.


 cat sitting & pet sitting prices 

30 mins visit



Great if you feed your pet 2x a day and want a quick visit either in the AM or PM.

15 mins visit 
30 mins visit



15 mins visit 
45 mins visit




15 mins visit 
60 mins visit


I do not offer only one 15 mins visit, it is unfair to your pet's well-beings.

*Price is based on 1-2 pets. Additional pets may require longer visits. Please contact us to discuss more. Thank you! 

Services & Prices


45 mins visit


60 mins visit




 dog walking prices 

15 mins
potty break



30 mins walk



45 mins walk



Price is for 1 dog, additional dogs will be an extra $10 each. If untrained on leash, dogs will be walked separately.

January 23rd 2024 update - We are available everyday for mid-day walks! As well as other times.


 Overnight sitting prices 

Get the VIP service for your pets and home all in one! We will ensure your pets and home are well cared for.

Why Overnight Sitting in your home?

Your home is your pet's home too, that is where they feel most comfortable being! We do our best to keep the routine the same; as well giving them lots of love, snuggles and playtime!

The benefits of overnight care is that your home will also be taken care of, as part of our service we will also check windows & doors, vehicle and garage checks, ensuring the furnace is working in the winter as well checking the water tank, toilet, sinks and appliances for any leaks or issues. Taking in the mail, flyer and packages, shoveling the main pathway to door, watering indoor/outdoor plants, rotating blinds and lights to give it a lived-in look, taking the garbage and recycling bins out and in and more!

We send multiple updates through-out our overnight visits, little blurb of what we've been up to, if they've gone potty yet, what has been taken care of, how life is going at your home; and you will also get lots and lots and LOTS of pictures and videos! There are no such thing as a silly request to us, we are more than happy to help you with nearly anything that makes you feel comfortable being away!


Cats or/and Small Animals
(No Dogs)

1-2 Dogs (including cats)

Extra $10 per dog after first 2 dogs





No extra charge for multiple cats or small animals unless special care is needed

Overnights are 10-12 hours length (1-2 hours possibly gone for quick errands or/and grabbing food).


Other Services

Are you looking for something else not mentioned on here? Please do reach out to ask! :)


+ Working the night-shift and need someone to let your dog(s) out for bedtime potty break?
+ Help with scooping the litter boxes?
+ Help with giving your pets medications?
+ Struggling to upkeep with your busy life and want some help with caring for your pets?
+ Want some advice or tips related to your pet(s)? Needing support? We are more than happy to give you non-judgemental support and share our knowledge and/or point you to the right direction.


We are happy to offer personalized care for you as we completely understand that life can get crazy and we are here to help make it less stressful for you & your pets! :)

We unfortunately do not offer the following services:

+ Boarding in our home

+ Dog daycare

+ Dog group walks/hikes

+ All day/night care in your home

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